The Story of Tinytopia

Don't forget about the little guys, you might be one of them.

This short puppet and live action film was produced for the 2012 Films for the Forest Film Festival competition in Austin Texas.  The theme for the year was 'Forest - Community - Connections' and the films were screened on March 12th as part of the SXSW Community Screenings series.  Tinytopia is the second entry from GuyLoki Films into this festival, the first being 'Wisp'.  The set of Tinytopia was filmed in miniature and populated by sock puppets created specifically for this short.

One of the many denizens of 'Tinytopia'

Director's Statement:
"There is something wonderful about puppetry.  With a sock, some paint, glue and few feathers and puff balls we are able to imbue an ordinary object with extraordinarily human traits.  That was the core of this film, to have fun creating something so alien so far from what we are, that we cannot help but see how similar we are.  Sometimes it is hardest to see what you have in common with those who are like you, but the more alien they are the more we strive to find that common ground and connect.  Maybe we will find out we are more connected than we thought."

~Steve N Bradford

The Cast Includes:

    Maxwell Bloch as Man in the Woods

Max is a Washington DC based actor who has previously participated in Cloudism.

    Steve N Bradford as the Tinytopians

Steve is just generally bad news.

Short Synopsis:
When a man walking through a forest discards his empty soda can; the repercussions for the microscopic town of Tinytopia are Earth shattering.  But who fears for what they do?