The Guy

Steve N Bradford is the head of GuyLoki, and the body as well most days.  His background is in the biological sciences, having studied Biology at St. Mary's College of Maryland specializing in tropical ecology, invertebrate zoology, and ichthyology.  Since then he has transitioned into the medical field, first working at veterinary hospitals and now helping advance research goals at the National Institutes of Health.

Parallel to his biological career he has worked as an actor in the DC and Baltimore region, having performed as part of the Capital Fringe Festival, at the Kennedy Center on the Millennium Stage, and at a number of theaters throughout the region.  He even performed at the White House for Halloween Trick or Treaters.  He is a founding member of Borealis Theatre and an Associated Artist of Faction of Fools.

His film making experience ranges from Production Assistant work for organizations such as The Discovery Channel to documentation video work for the National Institutes of Health.  He has participated in the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project annually since 2008, and the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project since 2010.  For both seasons of the web series 'Group House' he was the primary Director of Photography, a cast member, and the writer of the episode entitled 'Nose Game'.  Also with Snark and Gumption Productions he served as assistant camera for 'Bag Tax' and 'Engagement'.  

Now with more than a dozen short films under his belt, he continues to produce shorts to take to festivals throughout the country and has begun development of a new webseries, hopefully to begin showing in Summer 2014.

Second from the right, 'Reginald von Hopanstop - 19th Century Time Traveler'

Here he is seen SCUBA diving in Lake Xiloa while working on a project in Nicaragua.