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Self, Designed

We are what we make of ourselves, what happens when we make ourselves a machine?

A dancer brings a new drafting table into her studio and follows her other passion of architectural design. But as she spends more time designing, it takes a toll on her as she slowly transforms into a machine like those she draws. Can she decide who she is before continuing on this path decides for her? Or will she give up dance in order to live and breathe design?

This film is currently under development!  Check back for production photos throughout the next few months.  Limited screenings are currently scheduled.  More information will be provided as it becomes available in early May.

Director's Statement:
"I have spent the better part of my life straddling two different worlds.  Art and Science.  Like many artists, I work a full time job and do my film making and writing in the evenings.  For the longest time I thought that every hour I spent working the day job as a scientist or technician was an hour I was taking away from being a film maker.  Somehow that I 'owed' myself a full time devotion to my art and the day job was getting in the way.  This film is about my own experience of discovery; it wasn't my 'art' I was building at my job, but me.  And that a more complete me makes me better at all the things I do."
~Steve N Bradford