Short Films 2012

The Story of Tinytopia
This film was produced for the Film for the Forest Film Festival in Austin, TX.  It is an environmental short film using puppets and green screen composite editing to create the miniature world of Tinytopia.

Just a Burrito (Coming Soon!)
Starring D. Grant Cloyd, Ann Fraistat, and Graham Pilato this short film explores the awkwardness of interrupting someone mid conversation.  Especially when it is a conversation that has to be had.

Robo-Butler: A Steampunk Story (This Spring!)
The tale of a robotic butler who thinks he is past his usefulness, and the journey of self discovery that brings him back home.

Being Undead Sucks (This Summer!)
Overweight nerd Andrew deals with surviving after he is turned into a vampire and less than the 'prime' of his life.

Unknown Project21 Film
Currently unknown film to be produced for Project21 in Philadelphia during the late summer, for release in the fall.

Unknown DC 48HFP Film
Currently unknown film to be produced for the Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project in early May, release in June.