In addition to creating our own content we want to help you in the fundraising, creation, and promotion of your content.

A great deal of our work has been geared toward aiding small theater companies in Washington DC reach a wider audience through the production of Kickstarter Fundrainsing Videos, Online Video Trailers for upcoming shows, as well as archival recording and DVD creation of the actual performance.  But if your project has different needs than a theatrical production we are glad to help find out what works best for you.

Fundraising Videos

Each fundraising video is tailored to the needs of the specific project.  This might be a simple shoot where the originators of the project speak directly to the camera explaining their intentions and fundraising goals.  Or this might be a more complex assemblage of rehearsal footage, accompanying photographs / documents, and clips from interviews.  It could also be a staged scene not unlike a short film in its own right.

We can help you plan out your video to best showcase your project as well as to keep its needs within your budget.  Most of these videos take about half a day to film, and can be edited and electronically delivered to you within a week.  (More complex videos will take longer to edit)


For live theater (or other events) having a shareable video to post to social media is critical to getting people excited about your show.  There are two formats these kinds of trailers will usually take. First, a video shot similar to a short film to convey the ideas and excitement about a show.  Second, a collection of shots from the actual performance edited together as more or less a sizzle reel for the show.

We have experience in both types, usually a half day of time is sufficient to get all of the needed footage for the first kind (although we should be in communication about what you want weeks ahead of time to plan out the details).  Depending on the complexity of the trailer these can take between a week and two weeks to be edited and ready for electronic delivery.

The second kind will usually be shot during a final dress rehearsal of a show with a brief video call afterward.  A chance for us to work through the show with the theatrical production team to get specific moments and scenes from their best possible angle for use in the trailer.  This allows for more dynamic images than those usually captured for live theater.  It will still take about a week to get a finished edit of this kind of trailer delivered, so it is recommended only for shows that are going to be running for more than a couple weeks.  But, that also gives the opportunity to include positive quotes from reviews.  

Below are three examples of trailers for shows we have produced, one includes archival video from past performances by the company (The Cloudism Project - Borealis Theatre), the second is an example of what can be made with a video call during a final dress rehearsal of a show (The Mandrake - Faction of Fools), and the third was conceived by the director of the show and produced separately from the actual production (Oh Dad Poor Dad - American Century Theater).

Archival Recording

We can also record your actual show in order to give you a copy for your archive, or for production as a DVD.  We offer single camera recording or two camera recording for live events like this.  We use DSLRs for capturing our video, they are excellent cameras and part of the reason we can offer high quality footage at a reasonable price.  However, there is one drawback.  They can only film continuously for 12 minutes at a time, so the camera will stop and start recording every twelve minutes.  This only takes a second or two but it means with a single camera the show will not be captured seamlessly.  In the average Fringe shows this translates to about 12 seconds of missing footage for the duration of the entire show  (I will try to time these gaps to be during scene breaks when possible).  Often for archival copies for internal use this is not a big deal, but for a video that is to later be put on a DVD we strongly suggest using two cameras.

When shooting on two cameras we are able to get more dynamic shots of the show and then splice them together to make the best possible record of the performance.  No time is skipped when we use two cameras because we offset their 12 minute limits so at any time at least one of the cameras will be recording.  Included in the cost of having us record with two cameras we include the editing of both angles into a single seamless file delivered electronically.  Usually this can be done within two weeks.  (Due to the volume of productions we record during the Capital Fringe Festival expect a longer time to delivery.)

This year we are offering discounted services to Fringe Shows for Archival Recording, Trailers, and Fundraising Videos

Archival Recording:
$100 $75 for a single camera and digital delivery
$300 $225 for two cameras, editing, and digital delivery
$10 for a Data-DVD hard copy
$25 for a playable DVD hard copy +$2 each additional DVD beyond the first

Fundraising Videos and Trailers can be discussed based on your creative needs.  (Minimum $150)

E-mail me at for more information.