The Schlonburger Certainty Postulator

Time travel is nothing to mess around with.

This film was created for Project Twenty1 2011, as part of the Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival (PFAF).  It will had its world premiere on October 1st at 1pm at the International House Philadelphia.  The restrictions of the Project Twenty1 competition enforce that the entire film must have been written, shot, and edited during a 21 day period from August 30th to July 20th.  Using the element 'Start with a Crash' this film was produced entirely in Washington DC with the help of volunteer actors, crew, and production staff.  On Sunday October 2nd it was announced as a Nominee for Best Visual Effects at Project Twenty1, and was the winner of the Audience Award for its screening.

Director's Statement:
"I have toyed around with the idea of creating a film that had science fiction overtones, but had always felt that the special effects were too far out of grasp.  This was the first opportunity where I had the time, resources, and a group of people with the expertise that I thought we would be able to pull it off.  Many times science fiction tries to take itself seriously, an allegory for our modern world.  Here we did not, more I wanted to explore some ideas and have fun with them.  What would you do given a new magical seeming technology?  And what are the repercussions you might have never expected?"
~Steve N Bradford        

The Cast Includes:

    Justin Purvis as 'Jason Schlonburger'

Justin is a professional actor in the Washington DC region.

    D. Grant Cloyd as 'Kevin'

Grant is a professional actor in the Washington DC region.

Gwen Grastorf as 'Amy'

Gwen Grastorf has been acting in the DC area since getting her  BA from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2004.  Her work has been seen around town with Constellation Theater Company, Faction of Fools, Doorway Arts Ensemble, Rorschach Theatre, Happenstance Theater, Washington Shakespeare Company, the Source Festival, and the Capital Fringe Festival.