Robo-Butler: A Steampunk Story

Sebastian is a robotic butler who has served his creator for years.  When for the first time he fails at a task and is confronted with the idea that he 'can not' solve something he begins to misconstrue his owners actions and runs away.  Can this diminutive device find his way in the world on his own?

This is an entirely original work about a robotic butler that will be created with a steam punk aesthetic (if you are not familiar with it, think Victorian England but with steam powered helicopters and cars and brass and bronze constructed devices with lots of gears).  At its core the story is about accepting who you are and that even if you have limitations it does not make you any less important.  But on its surface it is a funny and sad adventure for one little robot who 'can not' do all he thinks he should.

Stay Tuned for more information... but for now you can keep up to date with Sebastian on his own twitter account!


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