Promotional Video Services

Kickstarter videos make a huge difference to the success of your fundraising goals.
Simply having a video for your Kickstarter Campaign increases your chances of meeting your funding.
(Only 30% of projects without a video reach their goals, while 50% of those with a video succeed)

I have worked on a number of promotional fundraising videos for theater companies in the Washington DC area, as well as for my own film projects.  There are a few key things that make for a good kickstarter campaign and for a good kickstarter video.  Although you can make a very successful campaign with just a webcam and looking into the camera to state your case, a little bit of polish and editing never hurt anyone.

If you are looking to make a successful kickstarter there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  First, you want your time frame to be about 30 days or under.  Longer than that and people put off backing you, and eventually forget about the excitement they had about your project when they first saw it.  Then remember its going to take about two weeks for the money to go from Kickstarter into your bank account.  Making a video will probably take about two weeks, one week to plan out your script and exactly what you want to shoot, and another week to edit it all together.  So ideally, you want a two month lead time on when you need that cash in hand!

I will work with you via e-mail or phone to help plan out exactly what you need from a kickstarter video and how to get it in a dynamic and fun way.  We will plan a time to shoot for between 2-4 hours.  We can either do it at your location and I will bring lights, camera, and a high quality microphone, or depending on what we need to shoot we can arrange something at my home studio.  Within about a week I will have a finished video for you and can deliver it to you through dropbox.

Take a look at some of the other successful Kickstarter videos I have put together in the past.

Clown Cabaret - Live Theater Show

The Cloudism Project - Live Theater Performance 

Steampunk vs Superhero - Short Film

Helena Rubinstein - Live Theater Performance

If you are interested in having me help you with a Kickstarter video please contact me at
For most videos I charge $75 to come to you (or host you at my studio) and do up to four hours of filming.
Then another $50 for editing.  Total cost $125.
Additionally, for local theater productions in the Washington DC region, I offer a $25 discount for including a small ad for my video services in your program.