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Promotional Videos

Although my real passion is making short films, that doesn't mean I don't know how to make short advertisements.  Do you have something coming up that you need to promote?  Or perhaps you need to fund raise?  Video is one of the best ways to go about that and start your viral marketing campaign.  I am very interested in doing what I can to help other artists out there with their pursuits too.

A new website called Kickstarter has recently opened its doors to creative people around the world and is providing a very unique new way to find funding for projects.  Through an all or nothing pledge system, and a very distinct donation / commerce relationship they are helping tons of new projects get off the ground by utilizing social media and showcasing your creativity.

Are you interested in trying to find funding for your theater production, exhibit of paintings, writing project, film, dance performance?  This is one of the better ways available to you now in order to do it.

The site will even host a video for you to make your case, however, many people lack the ability and equipment to put together a decent video that really grabs the attention of your potential donor/customers.  This is where I step in.

I have made short videos for myself and other organizations seeking to fund raise, and can do the same for you and your project.  Contact me about what your needs are and we can discuss what you should be trying to accomplish with your video.

For projects in the Washington DC area I will be offering discounted rates in order to help support art and culture into our community.  If you aren't from the DC area... I still want to help you out.

As for some examples of my recent work, check out the promotional video I did for Faction of Fools and their recent Capital Fringe production of "Tales of Courage and Poultry"

In addition to traditional avenues of distribution such as Facebook, twitter, and through their website it has also been featured by The Washington Post.  In the year this was made, only 9 theater companies out of 100 decided to produce a promotional video for their Fringe show.  That means that those who did were competing against one tenth as many people for interest.

The Washington Post put this promotional video head to head against the 9 other videos that theater companies involved in Fringe produced for their shows.  In a vote by readers the promo for 'Tales of Courage and Poultry' had far and away the highest vote count (46%, the next runner up had 28%) and most made viewers want to go see the show.

This is a Kickstarter Fundraising video I shot and produced for E8 Theatrics, a small theater company in Washington DC.  With the help of this video they were able to reach their fundraising goals and had a successful Kickstarter campaign for the 2011 Capital Fringe show.

Kickstarter Video

And this is a video I created for my own fundraising goal in 2010.