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Dr Nanog's Laboratory

One of our big projects is the development of entertaining and informative educational supplements geared towards a high school audience.  The first project in this vein is "Doctor Nanog's Laboratory"

By using puppets and a children's show atmosphere with a sarcastic and more mature bent we engage audiences in the entertainment while using it as a vehicle for science education at an adult level.  These supplements will be geared towards students who are already proficient at a basic level and for educators who want to expose them to a higher level subject matter.

The first series is ten episodes long and explains stem cells, where they come from, what they do, and why that's important.  By introducing the basic concepts underlying their function students are given a more complete picture of how and why stem cells do what they do in the context of normal function, disease, and injury treatment.

Here is our first set of test footage with Dr Nanog and Billy the Lab Tech done as a holiday greeting.

Principle photography for Episode 1 - What's a Stem Cell? is scheduled to begin early this fall.  Expect to see the first episode just in time for a new school year!