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48 Hour Films

Washington DC is the original home of the 48 Hour Film Project (you can learn more at 48hourfilm.com).   Under various production company names we have entered the festival numerous times and here are a few selections of our films done here in Washington DC.

Polite Company - 2011 Washington DC

This is 'Polite Company' our first 48 Hour Film officially made under the GuyLoki Films moniker for the Washington DC 2011 48HFP.  It stars Justus Hammond, Susannah Wells, Elliott Kashner, and Colleen Sproull.


This is "A Little Help" from the Washington DC 2010 48 Hour Film Project, starring Alex Smolin, Julia Copely, Kiki Possick, Laura McKaye, and Steve N Bradford.

2010 - Baltimore

For the 2010 Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project film 'Shrimptown' I served as writer, editor, and provided the video equipment.  However it was not actually produced by GuyLoki Films.

2008 - Watch out, bars and tone at the beginning

This is 'Window of Opportunity' my first proper film.  It screened as part of the Washington DC 48HFP in 2008.  It was produced at St. Mary's College in southern Maryland with the help of the Theater, Film, and Media studies department and a number of students.  It stars Megan Rippey and Dan Avedikian.

2009 - Sound issues abound

After moving to Washington DC my first very shoestring attempt at writing, and being in charge of all technical aspects.  With a central crew of just myself, and a cast of actors who were available for only partial days, and equipment that was faulty, it was riddled with difficulty but still made it in on time.  Not one of my finer moments, it stands as evidence of where I was when I started and a strong contrast to my more recent films.  It screened as part of the 2009 Washington DC 48 Hour Film Project.