Capital Fringe Festival

This year for shows that are a part of the Capital Fringe Festival I am offering discounted rates to document your show.

$50 - I will bring a single camera to record your show, and electronically deliver the collected footage via Dropbox within a week.  Because this is a single DSLR camera set up there will be short gaps of a few seconds which will not be filmed approximately every ten minutes when starting a new clip.  (This is the result of a file size limitation inherent with DSLR cameras.)  I will aim to make those cuts in filming during scene changes to minimize the impact on the final collected footage, but a small amount of missing footage is inevitable.  Ultimately this is best for you to create a storehouse of footage to use for future promotional purposes or to review the show with the creative crew.  (During longer shows in extremely hot venues there is a possibility of the camera overheating and automatically shutting down for a few minutes)

An example of what you can do when you have clips like this for a few of your shows....  (Footage for Tales of Courage and Poultry, A Commedia Romeo and Juliet, The Sandbox, and The Mandrake as shown in this trailer we all collected with the same equipment and set up I am offering)

Another example of promotional use of event footage, this is for Borealis Theater and their upcoming show 'The Cloudism Project'.  It includes footage from a live event they had earlier this summer, their Fringe show last summer 'Cloudism' and rehearsals for their current show.

$150 - I set up two cameras and run continually, not missing any of the show at all.  I will edit the footage together to create a complete document of the show.  This would be suitable for putting onto a DVD or providing to friends, family, or investors in your work.  Electronic delivery of the finished video will take about a month.

If you are interested in having your Fringe show documented, or in having a promotional video produced for it don't hesitate to contact Steve.  And don't hesitate to come up to me if you see me hanging around at Fringe, I would be happy to talk to you more about what the best options for your show are and how to help you achieve your future video marketing goals.

Some other examples of my video work for Fringe shows this summer:

Clown Cabaret Presentes: Delusions of Gradeur Kickstarter Campaign

Madame: Helena Rubinstein in America Kickstarter Campaign