Cancer Research Institute Fundraiser

This year we are not running a fundraiser for our Project Twenty1 film, instead we are going to use the film to help fundraise for the Cancer Research Institute.

None of your donations go through our hands, they go directly to the CRI and we won't be handling any of the financial side of things.  To donate click below:

The Cancer Research Institute is one of the better charities out there, with more than 85% of the money they receive going directly to their stated interest instead of being lost in overhead or advertising.  They are also the only charitable organization that is working directly on cancer research.

I have always been a big believer in the importance of research.  The work they sponsor can help save countless lives and has a ripple effect throughout the biological sciences as more knowledge and treatments can be developed.  I am admittedly biased as my current day job is biomedical research working towards possible cancer treatments (my work is not funded through CRI).  But I think that research is a great thing and I am glad to be able to use my fun and cute movie to help, even a little bit, move forward some of those research goals.

Be sure to e-mail to let me know that you have donated so you can get early access to the film 'Puppets in Space!!' on September 30th as my thank you for helping me reach my goal of $1000 towards cancer research.

For more information about the film, visit Our Facebook Page  to see the most recent updates, or check out 'Puppets in Space!!' to see the trailer.