Project Codename: Sock Puppets in Space

posted Jul 10, 2013, 2:35 PM by Steve N Bradford   [ updated Jul 15, 2013, 12:22 PM ]
GuyLoki Films will be participating in an international film competition called "Project Twenty1" for the third consecutive time this year (previous entries have won the Audience Award in 2011, and Best Visual Effects in 2012).  The rules for this competition are similar to those of the 48 Hour Film Project (where we received the Audience Award in DC earlier this year).  Starting on August 3rd we will be given an element to integrate into an original script and produce a short film of under ten minutes in length by the 24th of August.

We will be creating an original Puppet Space Adventure!  

We are looking for no less than five voice actors of any gender/type.  You will be playing aliens, cyborgs, space ships.  So if you have a unique voice, this might be right for you.

Audio will be recorded separately from the puppetry, however, experience with puppetry will be considered.

Please submit Headshot/Resume, as well as a sample voice recording.  Be sure to include a sample of speech in your normal voice, but feel free to also include samples of different character voices.

Availability requirements:  
August 4th, 8pm-10pm: First Read through and production meeting
August 10th 9am-5pm: Rehearsals and Character work, then Audio Recording
August 11th 10am-5pm: Second day of recording
August 18th 10am-2pm: Re-Recording for anything that needs correcting

Please list any conflicts for those dates.

All audio recording and meetings will be in Washington DC a short walk (0.6 miles) from the Fort Totten Metro Station.

The film already has a guaranteed premiere in Philadelphia on the weekend of September 27th-29th at the International House as part of the Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival. (Exact date and time of our specific screening have not yet been announced).  After which time the video will be available online and will be shopped around to more festivals locally and nationally.

All submissions should go to
Please include 'Sock Puppets in Space' in your title so you are not accidentally caught by any spam filters.
This is a non-union production and currently cannot offer pay.  After the film is released all actors will receive a download of the full quality film, and IMDb credit.

These are a few of the puppets already constructed for this film.