Lets see how this goes...

posted May 18, 2011, 12:27 PM by Steve N Bradford
So, at first I was very reluctant to do a blog.  I felt it was something I would never really have the time to do properly and it would just become this horrible thing on my website that people would look at and go "What, so nothing has happened for you since 2008?  Why no updates man?"  But since then I have realized that I might actually have a little bit of something to offer.

So here I am, a pretty regular guy who suddenly one day decided 'Thats it, I am going to become a film maker'.  Here I will walk you through how I got here and how I am continuing on that journey.  Perhaps you can learn something from my pitfalls or my successes.  Who knows?  I don't expect this to be an easy journey, as it is I am already about 5 years into it and I know I have barely begun.  But already I feel like I have learned a lot and the film maker that I was in 2006 is nothing like the film maker that I am today in 2011.

Let me start with a little bit of a longer post for you today on my background.   I started doing film quite by accident.  During a trip to Belize with my college (I was a biology major) I ended up holding onto a video camera, something kinda prosumer-y but a few years old and nothing amazing.  Honestly I had no right to use it.  I had never used a camera before and didn't know what to do with things like gain, white balance, or you know.... framing.  I took terrible footage, shaky  sometimes out of focus, and always too short.  But I had fun, and getting to see the things I had filmed projected for everyone to see was fantastic.  Why tell people about what I saw when I could just show them through my eyes?

Years, a number of films, and way too much money later here I am.  I have goofed around and made a film here or there for some time now.  However now I begin to realize its something I want to pursue with a real passion and not just when the mood strikes me.  So I am starting down that journey and ready to take some twists and turns.