posted May 24, 2011, 12:40 PM by Steve N Bradford   [ updated May 25, 2011, 7:43 AM ]
Nature VideographySo if there is one things I have learned, it is that once you start opening yourself up to work on projects, you can never really stop.

I have spent a long time making films as an idle past time that cost me far too much money.  When an opportunity presented itself I would make something and little more.  However, this year I made the decision that it was time I started to take myself seriously and do it right.  So here I am, busy as a bee working on things.  So what did I do different now than before?

I set a goal of producing 10 different video projects this year.  I figured that should not be too hard, I would do a 48 hour film or two, make a couple of shorts, make some promo videos for Kickstarter for some friends.  So I spent the last few months looking for things to do, trying to talk myself up to people and get them interested in making films.  Well, it turns out everyone is interested in it.

Since March when I set this goal I have already produced
1. Kickstarter Promotional Video for 'Love Me! Why Everyone Hates Actors'
2. A short film called 'Decision Point'
3. A short film made as part of the DC 48 Hour Film Project called 'Polite Company'
4. A edited collection of old nature videography shots I did in Belize

Not bad.  Four projects in about 3 months, thats nothing horribly exciting but its a good pace for getting 10 by the end of the year right?  Well it turns out every time you finish a project, the people involved get really excited and start asking "When is the NEXT one?" before you can even catch your breath.

So what do I have upcoming as a result of this?
5. The Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project
6. Project Twenty1 in Philadelphia
7. Promotional video spots to air on local television for 'Love Me! WEHA'
8. A promotional video collection for Faction of Fools after the success of 'Life and Laughter' their most recent performance.

Now these are all things which I have already committed to, either by paying an entry fee or agreeing to do it for another group.  But somewhere in there I need to find a little me time don't I?  Some projects that I am really excited to be working on for my own ends.

So after finding out about a 3 minute film competition in Texas, lets tack on
9. Short film about the movement of air from man to plants and back again, see the photo from that film to the left.

And I am still pushing forward the next two projects too
10. Dr Nanog's Lab Episode 1: What is a stem cell?
11. 'Paper Trail' the short story of a man trying his best not to smear his reputation

So there you have it.  11 film projects between March and the end of August.  Looks like I am on my way to meeting my goal.  What is interesting about this list to me is that a number of them are not 'for' me.  They give me experience and the chance to show people my skills.  But they are not film projects that are geared around my own glorification.  All of the promotional work is for someone else.  Which gives it a great deal more immediacy for me.  I would suggest that if you are having trouble getting yourself rolling on making films that you do what I did.  Volunteer to work for people you like.  That way there is someone looking for a product from you and you have more to answer to than just yourself.  This is part of why when I make films I gear them around competitions and festivals now.  It provides a hard and fast deadline and the pressure I need to help me finish.

This week I will post up an update on the film for the Texas competition, and maybe even come up with a title for it.  Should be some other great pictures to put up (I know there are in fact, I have already begun shooting).