A breath is more important than food or water. But what does a breath do when you aren't there to breathe it? One day in the adventures of a breath of air that has found itself out of place and the results when it goes back where it belongs.        

This film was originally created in response to the Films for the Forest Festival 3-minute short competition.  Based around the notion 'Breath of the Planet' it was shot between May 22nd and 29th 2011 with a final edit complete in the evening of May 30th.

On June 16th 2011 it was awarded 1st Place in the Films for the Forest Festival in the Narrative category.

Director's Statement:
"When we think of the things that life needs to survive we always say food and water. But the most immediate of those concerns is air. You can go days without food or water, but only moments without a fresh breath. There is a lot of attention to how to grow our food and what we put into our water, but air quality gets tied up as a global warming issue and we gloss over the direct health effects.

I made this film to highlight the cycle that air goes through in our world, both the way it is supposed to work maintaining a balance between animal and plant, and how it is now abused in our cities where oxygen levels in the atmosphere are at lower levels than they have been on Earth since the rise of multicellular animal life. This is in part because of the lack of plantlife in cities, and because we burn it up in our car engines, our motors, our power plants.

That oxygen wasn't meant to fuel our car, it was meant to fuel our bodies and when you take it away from its intended purpose, eventually someone is going to suffer the consequences."    

~Steve N Bradford            

The cast includes:

    Chantal Martineau as 'Jogger'

Chantal Martineau is an actor and improviser.  Her improv troupe, microCOSM, performed at the 2010 UCB Del Close Marathon, and she was in Private Elevator, one of WIT’s inaugural Harold Teams.  Faction of Fools: Tales of Courage and Poultry, Quattro Scenari.  Films: Bareknuckle, Wisp.  Training: Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory.

    Graham Pilato as 'Narrator'

Graham Pilato is a Baltimore and Washington D.C. area actor, clown, poet, and voice artist. He graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2004 with a BA in Dramatic Arts, and after a few years as a public high school English teacher in Southern Maryland, primarily works now on regional stages. He has encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction television and film, and is obsessive over garden mazes and topiary. http://www.grahampilato.com