A man finds himself in a very unusual situation and thinks back on how he got there, and how to get out.

This film was produced between June 10-12th 2011 for the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Project.  It then screened on June 22nd at The Charles Theater in Baltimore alongside 12 other short films.  As with all of the films in the competition there were three required elements that needed to appear in the film:

Prop: A hula hoop
Character: Wayne, a collector
Line of Dialogue: "That's not how I would have handled it"

Director's Statement:
I wanted to try something different for myself with this film.  In the past my work has always centered on being comedic, and so when I received the genre 'thriller' I made the decision that I wanted to stretch my legs a bit and try to really embrace the genre.

This serves as a functional framework, and possibly first draft of a more intense and fleshed out film.  I think that examining the character of Wayne and his fascination with purity even to the point of psychopathy to a deeper level could make for a very dark but engaging story.  But, we will have to see when I am next ready to tackle dark subject matter.

Working on this film was an eye opening experience and forced me to write, direct, and edit in ways which were not usual for the styles I work in.  Embracing silence and stillness was a far cry from the activity that I try to include in most of my other work.  If nothing else this film has highlighted what style choices I usually make and made it clear to me that they are choices and not simply 'the way to do it'.

The Cast Includes:

Graham Pilato as "Wayne"

Graham Pilato is a Baltimore and Washington D.C. area actor, clown, poet, and voice artist. He graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2004 with a BA in Dramatic Arts, and after a few years as a public high school English teacher in Southern Maryland, primarily works now on regional stages. He has encyclopedic knowledge of science fiction television and film, and is obsessive over garden mazes and topiary. 

Colleen Sproull at "The Prisoner"

Audiophile marks Colleen's thriller genre debut. She has previouslly acted in 48-hr film fest comedies with GuyLoki Films (Polite Company) and Citra Productions (TieBreaker) and was a regular on the web series Group House with Snark and Gumption Productions. She recently played flirtatious roles in Love and Alysha (VanScoy Productions) and 'Til Deaths Do Us Part (Merge Films). Recent makeup credits include Awesome Girl and the Day Awesome Went Away (Merge Films), 'Til Deaths Do Us Part (Merge Films), Engagement (Snark and Gumption Films) and various stage plays. She gained experience from James Madison University via both makeup and acting classes. In her "spare" time she enjoys acting in as many plays as possible. A graduate of the Class of 2010, The Honors Conservatory at The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts, she has performed with Lazy B Theatre Troup, The Disreputable Women, The Vienna Theatre Company, and Damned Spot Productions. Audiophile was a great experience, many many thanks to the talented cast and crew who were brilliant to work with!